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Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

He was very instrumental in helping me determine my educational path. I gave him my list of career and training objectives. He charted my options and identified advantages for each course available. He also explained career potential for each class. His guidance contributed to my finding my new job. (Thank you! Thank you!)
picture of Ronnie Jones for her testimonial
Ronni Jones
IT Security and Compliance Analyst
He was extremely helpful in guiding me into an appropriate choice of program to match my interests and current job demands of our area…I would highly recommend them. I found it to have a really great atmosphere. Very friendly and always helpful staff.
picture of Lisa Baresi-Smith for her testimonial
Lisa Baresi-Smith
PC Technician
He was very communicative and took the time to sit with me and outline my goals and how the training material will carve out my career path…The instructors were top notch and worked effortlessly to ensure that all students were up to speed on the material. It was noticeable that the instructors fully understood the material and were prepared for any and all questions that came their way.
picture of Kyle Metzger for his testimonial
Kyle Metzger
Project Manager
I met him at a job fair. He told me about the PMP program and grants available in the area. I have thought about attaining my PMP in the past with professional and volunteer projects. He was a great coach. He knew what skills were needed in the market and the best classes to take. He even let me know the best instructors to ensure my success. The PMP training is one of the best training that I received. I would recommend them for the WIOA program for job seekers. He knows the WIOA program and what classes qualify.
picture of Jennifer Smith for her testimonial
Jennifer Smith
Strategic Account Manager
The admission representative was very courteous, helpful, and professional. He provided all the necessary information for me to meet my goal. I would definitely recommend them. The way I was treated by staff along with the way the course was presented left me extremely satisfied.
picture of Karl Joseph for his testimonial
Karl Joseph
Network Engineer II
They provided all the resources I needed to pass the certification exams on my first try. (They) provided more help than anyone in finding a job--not only have they prepared me for the job but they have helped me get the "at bats" with interviews that are equally necessary for landing a job.
James Falzone
Help Desk

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5.0 Rating From 2 Reviews.
on 17, Sep 2021
“I was “early retired” by the corporation I had worked for, for 18 years and was still going strong. There was no reason other than I already knew when you approach age 55 you could expect the “offer”. I happened to meet a … (Dewey) at a job fair and that started a relationship wherein I took a couple of classes and gained one certification which was critical in my job search. After 18 months I landed my dream job in IT with the VA national office due to that certification!! I am forever grateful to the services for the unemployed especially veterans of which I am one. Bravo zulu!!”
on 17, Sep 2021
Lots of great information!

See if you Qualify for a WIOA Grant

Are you unemployed? There is a little known federal grant program that can pay for you to get trained, certified and placed in your career at no cost to you. Availability and amounts are based on where you live. If you qualify, this program can pay up to $10,000 to get trained, certified, and then get help getting placed in their career. The amount and availability vary by county

This can be used to get certified in fields such as Cyber-Security, Information Technology, Project Management, Business Analysis, and more. Some of the most highly sought-after certifications include CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Project Management Professional (PMP), Scrum Master, and others.