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Years ago I was laid off in my 50’s. I was blindsided and completely unprepared for all the changes in the job market. Not only that, I ran into ageism because I was over 50. I was out of work for many months. Now I am in a position to help unemployed people get back to work without having to go through everything I did. This blog will give you all the tips and techniques you need to become more marketable and get back to work at a decent job with a good salary. Here I will show my latest articles. 

I also help unemployed qualify for either  a federal grant that will pay for them to get trained, certified and placed in their field, or a no risk option that will do the same.

Our Latest Articles

The demand for cyber security professionals is expected to grow by nearly 300% over the next decade. Security incidents and attacks from hackers are becoming more frequent. With so many jobs available, it can be difficult to know which certification training programs are worth your time and money to launch your career in cybersecurity. See more…

Information Technology is one of the hottest careers right now, with hundreds of thousands of job openings nationwide, but you must be certified. With so many certifications out there, which ones pay the most? We have compiled the list showing average salaries for each one. See more…

Whether you’re struggling to find your first job, or you’ve been working for a while but are feeling stuck, the process of going from unemployed to getting hired can seem like a daunting, if not impossible task. But it’s not; you just need to follow some tried and true steps to make sure you give yourself the best chance of success. See more…

Business Intelligence Analyst is a relatively new role, and it still attracts relatively few people compared to the need for people with these skills. That means demand for Business Intelligence Analysts is high. Business Intelligence Analyst is a challenging, high-growth, high-demand job. Job opportunities are expected to grow much faster than average and there is excellent opportunities for advancement. See more…

The United States Congress passed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) in 2014, which is meant to help people who are unemployed find jobs. The WIOA provides $3.5 billion in grants that can be used to help workers who are unemployed, get trained, certified and placed in their field. See more…


See if you Qualify for a WIOA Grant

Are you unemployed? There is a little known federal grant program that can pay for you to get trained, certified and placed in your career at no cost to you. Availability and amounts are based on where you live. If you qualify, this program can pay up to $10,000 to get trained, certified, and then get help getting placed in their career. The amount and availability vary by county

This can be used to get certified in fields such as Cyber-Security, Information Technology, Project Management, Business Analysis, and more. Some of the most highly sought-after certifications include CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Project Management Professional (PMP), Scrum Master, and others.